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Owner Jordon Guffy holding two miniature poodles

About Jordon

Hello, I am Jordon Guffy. I am a third-generation dog handler. My father is a dog trainer and owner of Cascadia Doodles (a stakeholder business using the Miniature Poodle Club for its breeding program), and my grandmother showed and bred toy poodles for many years – which is where I got my start with Little Dude.

Spending 5 years in the family doggie daycare business from 2014 to 2018 gave me the foundation to start the Miniature Poodle Club. In addition to my stud service roster, I am currently raising two rescue pigs named Frodo and Bilbo, however, I have always been a lover of animals. Whether it be dogs, ferrets, rats, Guinea pigs, or other animals, I have always had a critter of some sort in my life.

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